At J. R. Helms & Associates our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. So even if we see you only once a year to prepare your income tax returns, we still know what you’re working toward and how we can help you get there.

To help us serve you better we follow a proven process.

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs
We’ll talk with you about your unique circumstances, your goals, which accounting services you consider to be ‘must haves’ and which are ‘nice to haves.’

Step 2: Tailor A Program
With your needs in mind, we’ll tailor a program that takes into consideration what you need today and how your circumstances may evolve in the future. We’ll propose only those services that make sense and we’ll set them up in such a way that they can be scaled to your future needs. For example, many smaller businesses ask us to handle their bookkeeping. We set up their systems so that when the business grows big enough that it is more economical to take that function in-house, it’s an easy transition.

Step 3: Engagement Letter
Once you’ve reviewed the proposed program we’ll discuss any revisions you may request, then document what we will be doing for you and what you can expect to pay in a formal Engagement Letter. With J. R. Helms & Associates there are no surprises – you’ll have complete control over what we do for you and know what it will cost you.

Step 4: Evolving Along With Your Needs
Each year we’ll provide you with a new Engagement Letter that reflects the services we’ll be providing over the next 12 months. Unlike some accounting firms, we don’t go on auto-pilot once you sign an initial letter of understanding. We make sure we’re changing to meet your changing needs.